05 Nisan 2020 Pazar



The Faculty of Eğirdir Fisheries was established in 1983 and started the education in 1983 academic year. The faculty has only one education programme leading to the BSc (Bachelor of Science) degree in fisheries. Within the faculty , there is 1 department. The courses of faculty are designed as four years education programme. The purpose of the education is to train the students as a fishery engineer which the needs of the country. These engineers will be able to work on marine, freshwater fisheries and fish culture facilities. They will also be able to assist as supervisor and guide in aquaculture. The another aim of the faculty is to fine out solutions for the international, national and local problems on fisheries. There are a freshwater fish culture and research station at the faculty. The Faculty has got 4-research boats that one of them is 10 m.